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Speech Act Theory

Hi All,

This week we studied the "Speech Act Theory". This week's homework consists of three parts.
1. Visit this webpage and do the exercise:
2. Find examples (sentences) for the following "Speech Acts" from TV Serials, Theatre Plays, Signs etc. (You might not find examples for each one, nevertheless think beyond sentence.)

Constatives: affirming, alleging, announcing, answering, attributing, claiming, classifying, concurring, confirming, conjecturing, denying, disagreeing, disclosing, disputing, identifying, informing, insisting, predicting, ranking, reporting, stating, stipulating
Directives: asking, begging, challenging, commanding, daring, inviting, insist, request. advising, admonishing, asking, begging, dismissing, excusing, forbidding, instructing, ordering, permitting, requesting, requiring, suggesting, urging, warning
Commissives: guaranteeing, pledging, promising, swearing, vowing, undertaking, warranting, agreeing, guaranteeing, inviting, offering, promising, swearing, volunteering
Acknowledgments: apologizing, condoling, congratulating, greeting, thanking, accepting (acknowledging an acknowledgment)
Representatives: affirm, believe, conclude, deny, report
Expressives: apologize, appreciate, congratulate, deplore, detest, regret, thank, welcome.
Declarations: I now pronounce you man and wife, I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you be dead, I name this ship...

3. Answer the following question? What kind of a Speech Act is this homework's text? (What do I want/intend to achieve by putting all this language together?)

"I wish you and your family a very good holiday." (specify the speech act in this sentence)

Tuncer Can


Anonymous said...

I have done exercise in the website and my score is %92.
examples for speech act from 'Whootie Owl's Free Play Script
"The White Tiger"

-Mother, I'm ready now to set out for Kumgang Mountains to find the White Tiger and defeat him. Please, let me go.(request)
-Don't worry, mother, I shall find the White Tiger. I know it!(condoling)
-Very well, as you wish. But first let me ask you one thing. Your father used to have me stand with a water jug on my head. Then he would shoot off the handle of the water jug from one mile away without spilling any water. Can you do the same thing?(asking)
-Very well, you shall try once again.(suggesting)
-I have to admit, I lied to you about all these tasks.(denying)
-Thank you, mother. I will leave at sunrise tomorrow.(thanking)
-Why, your father used to turn his back to that tree and then shoot down the highest leaf on the highest branch from over his shoulder. If you can't do the same thing, how can you expect to defeat the White Tiger?(asking for clarification)
- There was no need for this! I thank you for your concern, but I was fine. I was and still am ready to destroy the White Tiger.(challenging)

:your sentence is a wish and in this way you express your emotions and your attitude to other people.

Anonymous said...

1) sentences from tv series called ‘Lost’

It helps you pass the time. (expressive- wish)

I feel for you John, I really do. (expressive- sorry)

A:What’s that about? (directive-asking)
B:Who knows, it is Locke. (representative- stating/reporting)

Good morning ladies! (expressive)
Imm ıt smells good! (Expressive and directive- likeand ask)
Well, why I don’t make you a cup.. (directive)
I can’t say no this. (acknowledgement- accepting)

Do you know who I am? Answer the question. (directive- asking/giving command)
If you bring him to me, I’ll tell you everything I know about you. (directive and commisive- command and promise)

Don’t talk! Open your mouth! (directive- command)

Enjoy your breakfast. (expressive and directive- wish and start eating)

The defence calls Dr. Jack Shepherd to the court. (representative- reporting)

2) In this text, locution, illocution and perlocution are all together. The whole written text is locution. Real, intended meaning in it is illocution and our homeworks resulting from the illocution is perlocution. Type of the illocutionary act in this text is directive. Because there is a voice which says that ‘Do this homework!’

And lastly, although the locution is not clear in this sentence because of the ungramattical form, the illocution is clear. It is expressive as there is a wish in it.


Anonymous said...

-Well done!I'm satisfied with your final exam results.(expressive)
-Come out into the garden!(directive)
-Thank you for flowers! (acknoeledgement)
-He guaranteed me to give money next week.(commisive)
i think your sentance is expressive, it is about wishes

Anonymous said...

1-a sign ın gulhane park
``çimlere basabilirsiniz``(dırectıves-permıttıng)
-ıllocutıon-make people feel comfortable whıle sıttıng,walkıng
-perlocutıon-ıt ıs only a joke that mneans i shouldn`t tread on.

2-another sıgn ın anpother park
`lutfen çimlere basmayınız`(directıves-requestıng)
-ıllocutıon-make people not tread on the grass
-perlocutıon-i shouldn`t tread on the grass.but the rules are for beıng dısobeyed.

3-a nurse`s pıcture ın a hospıtal showıng `you should be sılent`

-an adult`s vıew to thıs pıcture(dırectıves)
-ıllocutıon-people ave to be sılent ın hospıtal
-perlocutıon-i have to be sılent

-a chıld`s view to thıs pıcture(dırectıves,forbıddıng)
-ıllocutıon-you have to be sılkent ın hospıtal
-perlocutıon-i have to be sılent otherwıse doctors can make ınjectıon to me

3)))your wantıng ıs expressı want express your best whıshes

and perlocutıon ıon thıs sentence ıs thereısno holıday ın near tıme so ıt ıs only allegıng or alay etme3231060009

Anonymous said...

�Evrencim kutuyu acabilir misin?� (from Var m�s�n Yok musun?) (directive/request) The competitor makes a request to make him open his box)

�Arkadas�m! Gel buraya�C�kar sapkay� kos git bohcalar� al gel.� �from �Komedi d�kkan� (directive/ commanding)�. The director commands and Tolga Cevik acts accordingly.

�The indictment about closing of Justice and Development party has been accepted� ( declarative/announcing) this creates a new social reality.People wonders if the party is really going to be closed etc.)

�Ozur dilerim,bu benim hatamd�.� (Expressive/apologizing)

�Son kez uyar�yorum seni, giy ceketini.Giymezsen�� (directive /warning) this sentence creates a psychological force to do smt that is said.

A sign near the sea says: �To swim here is both dangerous and is forbidden�(directive/warning)

��imdi durumu toparlayaca�m.S�z��(commissive/ promising)

In a tv show, A woman on the phone says :�Helin han�m yeni sa� renginiz �ok g�zel olmu�.Hep b�yle kals�n.�(expressive/like,appreciate)

3)In my opinion, the aim of this text is to make us (the students of linguistics II course) to observe speech acts in our real lives.Those questions above wants us to find out some examples from tv programs or somewhere else.And by the help of the language written there, we are forced to get in an action we take notes while wathcing tv to find and catagorise speech acts.I mean it means that go and find examples then write what you find here and this is a homework for you I am writing those here now because i am told to do so. Something
has directed me.So I can say that it is directive.

�I wish you and your family a very good holiday� this sentence expresses a wish and a hope so it is expressive I think.


Anonymous said...

-Evrencim kutuyu acabilir misin? (from Var misin Yok musun?) (directive/request) The competitor makes a request to make him open his box)

-Arkadasim! Gel buraya…Cikar sapkayi kos git bohcaları al gel.” …from “Komedi dukkani” (directive/ commanding)…. The director commands and Tolga Cevik acts accordingly.

-The indictment about closing of Justice and Development party has been accepted ( announcing) this creates a new social reality.People wonders if the party is really going to be closed etc.)

- Ozur dilerim,bu benim hatamdi. Expressive/apologizing)

-Son kez uyarıyorum seni, giy ceketini! Giymezsen--(directive /warning) this sentence creates a psychological force to do smt that is said.

- A sign near the sea says: “To swim here is both dangerous and is forbidden”(directive/warning)

-Simdi durumu toparlayacağım.Soz.”(commisive/ promising)

*In a tv show, A woman on the phone says :-Helin hanim yeni saç renginiz cok guzel olmus.Hep böyle kalsin. (expressive/like,appreciate)

3)In my opinion, the aim of this text is to make us (the students of linguistics II course)observe speech acts in our real lives.Those questions above wants us to find out some examples from tv programs or somewhere else.And by the help of the language written there, we are forced to get in an action we take notes while wathcing tv to find and catagorise speech acts.I mean it means that go and find examples then write what you find here and this is a homework for you I am writing those here now because i have been told to do so. Something
has directed me.So I can say that it is directive.

-I wish you and your family a very good holiday . this sentence expresses a wish and a hope so it is expressive I think.


Anonymous said...

I did the excersice and my score is%94.
desperate housewives
Woman:What is this?(asking)
Carlos:it is trashcan.(answering)
Woman:I know they are trashcans I am asking what are they doing here on saturday night.(disputing)
Carlos:I would take them,happy now.(promising)

Gaby:Running away with you on my wedding night was carzy enough.(regretting)

Susan:Happy one month anniversary(congratulating)
Man:I don't know you are doing this.(surprising)
Susan:You are happy,right(asking)
Man:ya,I have never been happier.(confirming)

A:How do you feel?(asking)
B:I am not sure but I think it is blue.(answering,predicting)
A:mmm,let's open(request)
C:No do not open.I feel it is red(warning)
A:No I want to open it(disagree)
B:Are you sure?
A:yes,please open.(confirming)
B opens it is blue they laugh.
A:thank you very much(thanking)
Hamdi phones.(offering)
A:thanks buT I want to go on.(declining)


Şahika:Kızım ben seni kalitemle sosyal sınıfımla döverim be çüüş.haddini bileceksin Zeynep.(challenging,Warning)

your sentence is a wish,you express your feelings so it is expressive.


Anonymous said...

EDA AKKAYA 3231060085


Anonymous said...

1)I have done that exercise two times.From the first I have taken %70 and from second doing I have teken %96 but the second was more slower than the first
2)Thank you for not smoking.(Warning)
From the tv serial Avrupa Yakası
-“ölümüne kankayız”(commissive quaranteing)”
-“çok pis dalarım” (directive-warning)
-“soldan soldan geliyolar” (expressive)
-tık tık basladı yine,bende panik atak var” (expressive-warning)
-yoksa beni beğenmiyormusun (directive-asking)
-biri bizi durdursun canım (command)
-gerizekalının baskanı senı paramla doverım pacooozzzz (representative-belief)
-“yau beğide alın bende kültürlüyümm bende üniversete mezunuyum bende açıh öğretimi bitirdiimm” (suggesting,insisting-directives)
-“köylü,pabucumun rakcısı” (commissive-swearing,degrading)
- iç dünyam paramparça oldu şimdi (announcing)
-olurmu canım ben Nişantaşı çoçuğuyum (alleging-constative)
-anladın sen onu-warning
- kanımca sen artık kendıne dıkkat et (admonishing,instructıng)
- tam super olacak (informing)
-bundan sonra ben bir İskoçluyum,kanımda kuzey genleri var (declaration)

3)I think,there is a hidden message in these writing “If you do these Works,you may get points from evaluaion.”(it is illocution).and With asking the third question you want us to do the homeworks and also at the same time to find the reason of this.(this is perlocutıon)At thr same time you acomplished to make us answer the question and do the homework.
-your last sentence “I wish…..” is a wish for our good feelings.(expressive but at the same time constative-announcing)


Anonymous said...

I have done exercise in the score was %91. the exercises are followed:
-Guess who's coming to dinner? MR. DRAYTON: Who? You mean... His parents? Now, wait a minute. Whose idea was that(guessing)
-NURSE: Why don't you come with me? I'll take you down there(offering a suggestion)
-… you'll have no problem with your Father, John. But you do know, I'm sure you(talking about proplems)
-Tillie, this is Dr. Prentice. John, Miss Matilda Binks. JOHN: Pleased to meet you, Miss Binks. I've heard a great deal about you!(İintroducing people)
-Wait, let me guess. Are you his uncle? His grandfather?(guessing)
-16. No, that's not what I meant. I meant, why don't you go home and do your homework?(correcting yourself7asking for clarification)


Anonymous said... score is %90
Alyon:bana deli basAlyon derler Elanora
Cuneyt arkin:(breaking into the room)ben okuzbas Alyon diye duymustum sovalye yanlis mi soylemisler(kidding)
Alyon:sefil Turkmen(admonishing)
Cuneyt Arkin:soylu sovalye(underrating)BATTAL GAZi DESTANI
if people think you're dying, they really listen, instead of just
waiting for their turn to speak.(informing/reporting)fight club

Anonymous said...

a dialog from avrupa yakası

B:Offf.ya benim dikkatimi çeken bi konu oldu.bu ülke insanı iyice manyaklaştı haa.(identifying)
T:Noldu abi?(asking)
B:Alışverişimi yaptım taksiye binicem böyle atlaya atlaya insanların üzerinden taksiye bindim.arabayı okadar hızlı kullanıyoki aletler bozulacak(predicting).çocuga okadar hızlı kullanma bak diyorm(warning) sakin ol abi bişiy olmaz abi diyo(guaranteeing).aletler sarsılmadan bozulacak diyorm(insisting) sakin ol abi dio.dedim burası new york mu lan(disputing)
B:Taksiyle geldik buraya.herkesin yapıcağı gibi(claiming) bende dedimki taksi şöförüne,evladım dedim tarifenin yarısını veriyim dedim(suggesting) aletler bozulcak nasıl olsa aletler onarima gidicek bakıma gidicek oda oraya gider dedim yani.
K:Yok artık canım(disagreeing)
B:Bu zaten bana bi kızdı sinirlendi deli mi ne orda kavga çıktıda zor ayırdılar bizi.yoksa ben onun ağzını burnunu dagıtmasını çok iyi biliyodumda(challenging),paralamayaym dedim koşup geldm buraya.ben size bişiy söyliyeyimmi ortam çok bozulmuş(announcing).
Your sentence may be the desire so its function may be expressive.

Anonymous said...


1. I have done the exercise and my score is %88.

2.These examples are taken from the play of Oscar Wilde"The Importance of Being Earnest"

ALGERNON:Did you hear what i was playing,lane ?(asking)

LANE:I didn't think it polite to listen,sir (answering,predicting)

A:i don't play accurately.But anyone can play accurately.I play with wonderful expression (informing,excusing,claiming)

L:Yes,sir..(agreeing,affirming) the way Lane i see from your book that thursday they were dining with me,eight bottle of champagne are entered as having been consumed. (reporting,stating)

L:yes sir 8 bottles of champagne. (agreing,affirmig)

A:Why is it that at a bachaolar establishment champagne is served?(asking)

L:I attribute it to the superior quality of wine,sir.I have often observed that in married households the champagne is rarely of first-rate brand.(instructing,attributing,answering)

A:Good heavens! Is marrige so demoralising as that?(asking,surprising)

L:I Believe it is a very pleasant state sir.I have had a very little experience of it myself up to the present..that was in concequence of a misunderstanding between me and a young person. (instructing,answering,claiming)

A:I dont know that i am much interested in family life Lane. (admonishing,stating)

L:No sir..It is not a very interesting subject. I never think of it myself.(disagreeing,instructing,challenging)

A:very natural..i am sure.That will do,Lane,thank you.(agreeing,thanking)

L:Thank you,sir(thanking)

3."I wish you and your family a good holiday"

At the level of locution ,you simply make a wish for your students.It is wishing.By means of saying that you;
may really- with your all good and pure intentions- want us to have no problem in our holiday.
Or you may imply that;with this all assigment i gave you,have a nice holiday if you can(!)-i don't suppose that.
But in both senses you just intent to reflect your emotions to us by uttering it.

Anonymous said...

I have done the exercise and my score is %100(so surprizing)

-hah. durdur arabayı;bekle....(commanding)
-peki efendim.(accepting)
-seni var ya seni.. seni var ya senii...(Thinking by himself]
-benim sahnelerim bitti çıkıyorum,sen napıcaksın?(affirming;asking)
-sınavım var..(answering)
-geçen gün reklam filminde oynadığım dansçı kızlarla buluşacam.(informing)okuldan sonra sen de bize katl istersen.(suggesting)
-eve gitmem gerek.babamla aramızı ii tutmaya çalışıyorumm.(apologizing)siz bize gelin çılgın bi ev partisi olur(suggesting)
- olabilir kızlarla bi konuşayımda telefonlaşırızz(answering)
-görüşürüz canımm (welcoming)
- görüşüzz
-nolmuş kızım?:(questioning)
-bir dergi için benimle reportaj yapacaklarmış bir de bir menejerle tanışacakmışım(acknowledging)
-ah hadi hayırlısı.(wishing)

-----I think,in your sentence,you have a hope for us.So it must be expressive.anyway we can not be sure that because this is your sentence and the real aim can only be known by you,or it must be in a context.


Anonymous said...

i did the test now going on with the other DIRECTIVES u want us to do:)
from the o.c:
marissa:u ll be with me in my 16th birthday right mum?(guaranteeing)
julie:of course i ll always be there even when it s ur 40s..(promissing)
marissa:uhh uh definitely!!(disagreeing actually)-pagmatics:))
from desperate housewives: about susan)oh jesus,she is a real butterfingered and now she is alone at the forest..(declaring)
hotel receptionist:ohh what a pitty for the animals(agreeing)
from my name is earl:
randy:earll,do u believe in ufos(asking)
earl:sometimes yes raaaandy,but sometimes i dont even believe my own presence(expressing-admitting)
randy:earl,i m sorry for today and actually i was talking about ufos to come up there(admitting-apologise)
earl:nice try but......(he talks for sometime no answer then he hears randy snorring:)hey hey randy are u there?(asking)
from the nip/tuck
doc:happy to see u again miss bella i ensure u ll feel like a model after that operation(welcom
ing/ promising/guaranting)
miss:i m counting on you(expressings)if u say so it is so(affirm,believe)
this homework sheet is a directive,asking to answer these questions..u achieve have us do our homework with 1 word.for ex. ANSWER:)
i wish u and ur family a very good holiday:it can be both acknowledgment and expressive i think...

Anonymous said...

1) %82 was my score.


dialogues from "fight club"

Tyler Durden: I want you to do me a favor. (request)
Narrator: Yeah, sure... (affirming)
Tyler Durden: I want you to hit me as hard as you can. (request)
Narrator: What?... in the face? (confirming)
Tyler Durden: Surprise me. (insist)
Narrator: This is so fucking stupid. (denying)
Narrator: I want you to listen to me very carefully, Tyler. (request)
Tyler Durden: Okay... (aggreeing)

3)i think the intend for the homework was to teach us importance of speech act. i mean when we watch a movie or read a book, we just read it, but with this homework, now we can see illocution.


Anonymous said...

1)i did the exercise with the score of %85.
2)examples are from the movee 'last samurai'
katsumoto:and who was your general?(asking)
algren:don't you have a rebellion to lead?(answering with a quesion)
katsumoto:people in your country do not like conservations?(predicting?
algren:he was a lieutenant colonel.his name was Custel.(answering)
katsumoto:i know his name.he killed many warriors.(claming)
algren:oh,yes.many warriors(confirming)
algren:you want me to kill jappos.(stating+guaranteeing)
colonel bagley:no i'm not asking you to kill anybody(deny)

i think your this text is first the informing to us about what to do and your illocusion is here direction in a soft way.
'i wish you and your family a very goog holiday'this sentence is just a wish and so there is an abbreviation in it.
locution:utterancing this sentence
perlocution:probably'thank you very much for your this good wish,i hope so'

Anonymous said...

1) my score was %70

Barney: It's going to be legendary! (Conjecturing)
Ted: Don't say that!(warming)
You're too liberal with the word "legendary".(classifying)
Barney: We're building an igloo in Central Park!)informing)
It's going to be legendary! (Conjecturing) Snow-suit up!(ordering)

Ted: You're not... Moby, are you?(asking)
Not Moby: Who?(confirming)
Ted: The recording artist, Moby.(clarifying)
Not Moby: Oh, no.(disagreeing)
Ted: Then why, when we said "Hey, Moby" did you come over here?
Not Moby: Oh, I thought you said Tony. (conjecturing)
Ted: So your name's Tony? (concluding)
Not Moby: No.(denying)

Elaine: You know what your problem is? Your standards are too high.(identifying)
Jerry: I went out with you.(reminding)
Elaine: That's because my standards are too low(clarifying)

your intend is to make us to see the illocution of film dialogues and to understand the speech act better
your last sentences is a wish ı it is expressive.


Anonymous said...

1)my score is %85

2)examples from 'recep ivedik'

-'Salih abi, bana bi yolluk yap!'(commanding)
-Salih abi, sen feysbuka üye misin?(asking)
-Kapı benim kapım olduğundan bi problem yok.(informing)
-lan dikiz dingiller, o dilinizi koparırım sizin.(challenging)
-Ama cok güzel dananın kuyruk sokumuyla gerdan yağından yaptırttırdım.(insisting)
-Hepimiz kalorilerimizi yakalım göbeklerden kurtulalım.(requesting)
-Bu ne saçma hayat bu ne dingil hayat ya.Bu ne hoppa hayat bu ne manyak yaşam tarzı ya.(deplore)

3) When this sentence is read, everybody understands the same meaning that it tells.I mean, the real meaning of this sentence comes to mind first. (locution)
But it may have a hidden meaning, and speaker may want to express something different from its real meaning.(illocution)
so, by giving this sentence, you want us to be aware of locution,illocution and perlocution.


Anonymous said...

my score is %74.some questions are so complicated that ı dont understand what they mean.

from v for vendetta

Delia Surridge: You've come to kill me, haven't you? (predicting)
V: Yes. (answering)
Delia Surridge: Thank God. (thanking)
Evey Hammond: Are you a Muslim? (asking)
Gordon Deitrich: No. I'm in television. (denying with humuor)
Evey Hammond: V, yesterday I couldn't find my ID. You didn't take it, did you? (conjecturing)
V: Would you prefer a lie or the truth? (agreeing)
Evey Hammond: Did you have anything to do with... that?(asking doubtfully)
V: Yes, I killed him. (confirming)
Evey Hammond: You...? Oh god.(
V: You're upset. (predicting)


you want us to understand how hard the speech act is and how to use it in an effective way. and of course, intention is to make us to learn speech act.
3231060039 m.u.

Damla Tezel said...

1-) my score is %99 but this is my second doing the same exercise, at first; while doing due to some connection problems of the dorm I could not complete it.

2-)From Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series...

* Willow: not everyone worships Santa.(informing)
* Joyce: Angel's on top? (asking [pragmatics, there is in fact sarcasm for Angel is a vampire and he doenst believe in any holy fact)


Cordelia: Buffy & Angel'll be arguing for a while (guessing)


DAWN: Who, who are you people?(asking)

BUFFY: Don't worry.(comforting)

DAWN: Please don't hurt me!(begging)

BUFFY: Oh, it's okay. I don't know anyone here either.(condoling)

DAWN: (nervous) Yeah? Who are you?
BUFFY: I, uh....(deploring)


XANDER: Okay, why was I on the ground? And why are you all staring at me? Is this some kind of psych test? Am I getting paid for this?
(asking for clarification)

GILES: It's not just you. Does anyone remember anything?(condoling,asking)

SPIKE: Nope.(reporting)

GILES: Well, maybe we all got ... terribly drunk and this is some sort of, uh, blackout.(guessing)

DAWN: I don't think I drink.(disagreeing; pragmatics for she's only 16)


GILES: We'll all get our memory back, and it'll all be right as rain.(condoling)

SPIKE:(referring to giles) Oh, listen to Mary Poppins. He's got his crust all stiff and upper with that nancy-boy accent. You Englishmen are always so... (pauses,recognises his own accent) Bloody hell! Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks, oh God! I'm English!(expressive;shocked)

GILES: Welcome to the nancy tribe.
SPIKE: You don't suppose you and I ... we're not related, are we?
ANYA: There is a ruggedly handsome resemblance.(confirming)

GILES: (to Spike) And you do inspire a, um ... particular feeling of ... familiarity and ... disappointment. Older brother?
SPIKE: (scoffs) Father.(anouncing) (Giles looks outraged) Oh, god, how I must hate you.(guessing)


"I wish you and your family a very good holiday."

in this sentence you are using expressive&acknowledgement speech act which is indicating your intend of celebrating wish.

Anonymous said...

KURTLAR VADİSİ-the valley of wolves:)
Şevko : Ölmek için yalvaracaksın!(warning,challenging)
Polat Alemdar : Yaşamak için yalvarmadık, ölmek için de yalvarmayız(disagreeing,claiming,challenging)
Abdülhey : Abi, şimdi napacağız ?(asking)
Polat : Sonunu düşünen kahraman olamaz, Abdülhey.(answering,informing:)
Freud Feti:Böyle olursa düzen çöker!(commanding)
Çakır:Sen merak etme Fetiii , ne düzen çöker ne düzülen! (guaranteeing)

Polat: Bundan böyle uyuşturucu şatışı sınırlandırılacak. Bilinen adamların dışında kimse el altında piyasaya mal sürmeyecek. Okullara uyuşturucu girmyecek. Uyuşturucu dışında yapılacak her iş geleneklere bağlı usullere göre yapılacak. Herşeyden evvel abin gelip Süleyman Çakır’ın elini öpüp, kesilen cezayı kabul edicek.(ordering)
Metin: Sen kimsin lan racon kesiyorsun.(denying)
Polat: Racon kesmiyorum, kafa kesiyorum (challenging,warning)

your intention to give this homework is to make us understand speech act perfectly by doing practices.

your last sentence is wish-expressive but ı think at the same time it is anouncing that the next day is holiday

Anonymous said...

you instruct all these to us. your aim is to make us wake.
state: everyone should have three children.
the public: if you will take care of them we can do. it's not problem.

Anonymous said...

İ HAVE DONE THE EXERCISE SENTENCES FROM MENEKSE ILE HALIL a:halılı oldurmenı ıstıyorum(imperatıve) b:buyuk bı zevkle sızınle ıs yapmak da cok zevklıymıs.(promısıng) c:menekse burda ne ısın var?(askıng) d:burda olmak ıstıyorum.(challengıng) You want to say to us good holıday and you want to announce the holıday so you make us understamd the subject wıth your sentence much more.3231060016

Anonymous said...

DIRECTIVE:you have to finish these homeworks until the midterm exams!
DECLARATIVE: � don' see u as a boyfriend anymore!
EXPRESSIVE:(Girl to her b.f.) how can you describe that kind of event that has happened to me? Or the feeling of looking through your eyes and forget everything that � should do, or who � am? � love u honey:(
COMMISSIVE: I do not make u feel bad anytime, � will always love u,and save forever darling!

your ssentence is expressive..


Anonymous said...

Hatırla sevgili

defne:afferim oğluma(expressive-congratulating)
peki bak şimdi Sinancım bu kaç? (directive-asking)

Sinan:2 (constatives-answering)

defne:evet(constatives-affirming) pekii (iki tane daha koyar) şimdi kaç oldu? (directive-asking)

sinan:1 2 3 4 (answering)

defne:evett yani iki iki daha kaç edermiş?(asking)

defne:tamam afferim oğluma (expressive-congratulating)tamam bu kadar yeter sende defterlerini topla artık hadi tatlım(directive-commanding)

(kapıyı açar)Aaaa hoş geldiniz(acknowledgements-greeting)

ışık:ne oluyor sesiniz dışardan duyuluyor (asking)

defne:matematik ezeli ve ebedi dersimiz (answering)

ışık:matematikten hiç anlamayan biri matematik çalıştırması da çok komik(concluding)

defne:hıh gül bakalım gül(accepting) günün birinde senide görürüz inşallah o zamanda ben güleceğim (challanging)

defne:hadi oğlum kalk uyku saatimiz(directive-requiring)

'I wish you and your family a very good holiday'

your sentence is expressive.Because it is a wish abut celebrating.


Anonymous said...

1. Sentences and dialogues from T.V series called ELVEDA RUMELİ :

-Alex : Attırmayın Makedon çocugunun kafasini ! ( Directives \ Challenging )

-Fatma : Kabahat sende deysin cekil üleyse benden, bende cekileyim senden. (Constatives \ Stipulating )

-Baytar Efendi: Sofi ile evlenecesin! Sütçi'nin kızini kafandan, kalbinden atacasın! (Directives \ Commanding )

-Alex: Adını süleyim ister misın? ( Directives \ Asking )
Zarife: Benim adımı mi? (Directives \ Asking )
Alex: Hıhı... Dur düsünem. Senin adın olsa olsa Zarife olur. (Constatives \ Conjecturing )

-Meryem: Bu pasanınoglu sana goz atay galiba. ( Constatives \ Alleging )
Vahide: Ne alakası var? Sen ne süleysin Meryem abla! ( Constatives \ Denying )
Meryem: Ama sana cok fena bakaydi. ( Constatives \ İnsisting )
Hatice: Dogri fena bakaydi! (Constatives \ Confirming )

A dialogue from T.V series called KURTLAR VADİSİ :

Muro : Sırf bir inat uğruna saatlerimizi yedin, bizi burada ağaç ettin, sivilce bastı her tarafımı. ( Constatives \ Affirming ). Sen biliyor musun benim saatim ne kadar değerli ? (Directives \ Asking )

Bulut : Markası ne gülüm ? Söyle, alalım. ( Commissives \ Undertaking )

Muro : Ha ha ha ha ! İşte ! Tipik bir burjuva esprisiyle karşı karşıyayız Çeto. ( Constatives \ Stating )

Bulut : Bu kadar stres yapma gülüm, erken ölürsün. ( Directives \ Warning )

Muro : Stres benim değil mi kardeşim ? İstediğim zaman ölürüm sana ne!( Directives \ Challenging )

Muro : Çetin, örgütte bundan sonra kimse burjuva donu giymeyecek. ( Directives \ Ordering )

Çetin : Emret başkanım. (Commissives \ Guaranteeing ) Valla başkanım apıştım kaldım. ( Constatives \ Affirming )

Muro : İnanmayacaksın ama benim de devrimci devrelerim yandı Çetin, kozmozda tesadüf diye bir şey de vardır. ( Constatives \ Stating )

Çetin : Kozmoz derken başkanım ? ( Constatives \ Asking )

Muro : Kainat la cahil. ( Constatives \ Answering ) Lanet olsun kozmoza. ( Expressives \ Detest ) Bir de kadınlara çok dikkat et Çeto. ( Directives \ Warning )

Çetin : Niyeki başkanım ? (Directives \ Asking )

Muro : Kadının bir lafı adamda ne devrim bırakır ne evrim, maymun oluruz Çeto. ( Constatives \ Alleging ) Sana doktordan on gün iş göremez raporu aldım. (Constatives \ Affirming ) Molotof yok, ateşin üstünden atlamak yok, zinhar gammazcılık yok. (Directives \ Admonishing )

Çetin : Emrin olur başkanım. (Commissives \ Guaranteeing )

Signs :

-A skull’s picture on a trasformer showing that you shouldn’t touch or come near to transformer because of danger of current electricity. ( Directives \ Warning )

Locution : Picture
Illocution : People shouldn’t come near or touch to transformers because of high stream.
Perlocution : I should keep away from transformers because of current electricity.

2. İn my opinion, this text has got all the three aspects called locutionary, illocutionary and perlocutionary acts.

Locution : Written text
Illocution : The text contains sentences which begin “visit”, “find” and “answer”. These verbs directs us. Therefore, kind of illocutionary act is “directive”.
Perlocution : Illocution is directive. So, I should do my homework, and I will be better on recognizing of using the speech acts’ types in the sentences.

İn last, I think, your sentence is expressive although sentence’s deficient grammatical form. Because there is a wish in it.


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