Monday, October 29, 2007

Speech Act Theory

Hi All,

This week we studied the "Speech Act Theory".This week's homework consists of three parts.

1. Visit this webpage and do the exercise:

2. Find examples (sentences) for the following "Speech Acts" from TV Serials, Theatre Plays, Signs etc. (You might not find examples for each one, nevertheless think beyond sentence.)

Constatives: affirming, alleging, announcing, answering, attributing, claiming, classifying, concurring, confirming, conjecturing, denying, disagreeing, disclosing, disputing, identifying, informing, insisting, predicting, ranking, reporting, stating, stipulating

Directives: asking, begging, challenging, commanding, daring, inviting, insist, request. advising, admonishing, asking, begging, dismissing, excusing, forbidding, instructing, ordering, permitting, requesting, requiring, suggesting, urging, warning

Commissives: guaranteeing, pledging, promising, swearing, vowing, undertaking, warranting, agreeing, guaranteeing, inviting, offering, promising, swearing, volunteering

Acknowledgments: apologizing, condoling, congratulating, greeting, thanking, accepting (acknowledging an acknowledgment)

Representatives: affirm, believe, conclude, deny, report

Expressives: apologize, appreciate, congratulate, deplore, detest, regret, thank, welcome.

Declarations: I now pronounce you man and wife, I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you be dead, I name this ship...

3. Answer the following question? What kind of a Speech Act is this homework's text? (What do I want/intend to achieve by putting all this language together?)

"I wish you and your family a very good holiday." (specify the speech act in this sentence)

Tuncer Can

Monday, October 15, 2007

Selection of your Workmate and Linguist

Hello Everybody,

1. For our "Cyber Linguist Project" (CLP), please choose your workmate and linguist, write them to the comment section.
2. With your workmate, Go to and open an account with the name of your linguist.

You have deadlines in your syllabus,

Tuncer Can

The Art of Language or the Language of Art

Hi All,

This week we studied "Discourse Analysis". Here's your homework: You have 2 weeks to complete your assignment.
1. Visit an art museum (Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Pera Art Museum, etc.)
2. Tell us which exhibition you visited. Analyze the artists' language. Try to explain how the artists are expressing the meaning without using a verbal or non-verbal language. Are they any successful and how they succeed to express the meanings they have in their mind? Exemplify by artists' and their works' names.
3. Post your comments to our blogger.

İstanbul Modern Art Museum (free-admission on Thursdays) (in Tophane)

Sakıp Sabancı Art Museum (in Emirgan)

Pera Art Museum (in Taksim)

Good Luck,

tuncer can