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Speech Act Theory

Hi All,

This week we studied the "Speech Act Theory".This week's homework consists of three parts.

1. Visit this webpage and do the exercise:

2. Find examples (sentences) for the following "Speech Acts" from TV Serials, Theatre Plays, Signs etc. (You might not find examples for each one, nevertheless think beyond sentence.)

Constatives: affirming, alleging, announcing, answering, attributing, claiming, classifying, concurring, confirming, conjecturing, denying, disagreeing, disclosing, disputing, identifying, informing, insisting, predicting, ranking, reporting, stating, stipulating

Directives: asking, begging, challenging, commanding, daring, inviting, insist, request. advising, admonishing, asking, begging, dismissing, excusing, forbidding, instructing, ordering, permitting, requesting, requiring, suggesting, urging, warning

Commissives: guaranteeing, pledging, promising, swearing, vowing, undertaking, warranting, agreeing, guaranteeing, inviting, offering, promising, swearing, volunteering

Acknowledgments: apologizing, condoling, congratulating, greeting, thanking, accepting (acknowledging an acknowledgment)

Representatives: affirm, believe, conclude, deny, report

Expressives: apologize, appreciate, congratulate, deplore, detest, regret, thank, welcome.

Declarations: I now pronounce you man and wife, I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you be dead, I name this ship...

3. Answer the following question? What kind of a Speech Act is this homework's text? (What do I want/intend to achieve by putting all this language together?)

"I wish you and your family a very good holiday." (specify the speech act in this sentence)

Tuncer Can


Anonymous said...


I think your act is directive. The act is perlocutionary because you intend to create an effect on the students to make them realize the homework. But at the same time it is an illocutionary act , because you have an intention. on the other hand the exercises that you give are all locutions.

The sentence is a locution , the request stated by the word wish represents the intention of the locuteur . It is illocutionary , but expressive . The request as an act is realized , but the content not yet.


Anonymous said...

3233040011( Cift Anadal-Fransızca)

I think your act is directive. The act is perlocutionary because you intend to create an effect on the students to make them realize the homework. But at the same time it is an illocutionary act , because you have an intention. on the other hand the exercises that you give are all locutions.

The sentence is a locution , the request stated by the word wish represents the intention of the locuteur . It is illocutionary , but expressive . The request as an act is realized , but the content not yet.


Anonymous said...

Please do me the honour of accepting my hand = the speech act is directive; he requests,begs
I appreciate the struggle you have been through and I am very sorry to cause you pain=expressive
From the first moment I met you,your arrogance,conceit ,disdain for others made me believe that you
are the last man in the world that I could ever marry=she believes,reports.Represantative
-I Couldn't sleep -Nor I=acknowledgement
Your speech act is directive,you ask us to do something
I wish you and your family a very good holiday= This should be expressive,because you express a feeling,a wish
bagdagül anaral 3231050101

Anonymous said...


--Then it seems crazy to go all that way when you could go together. Why don't you both leave tonight? JOEY: Why not? Yes.
(the speech act is commissive. there is an offering voice.)

--in my opinion we won't be using mobilephone in our daily life at this time 20 years later
(the speech act is constatives. in this sentence, there is claiming and predicting)

--I am so sorry to say that you were dismissed
( the speech act is acknowledgement. apologizing)

--your speech act is expressive because of expressing a wish

Anonymous said...

* I am thankful to find that I can look with so little pain on the spot! ( expressive )

* I know these sailor chaps. (representatives ;, he believes in that)

* The Assyrians aren't here anymore. ( expressive )

*Our souls are prisoners of the terror of death, and the day is beautiful. (expressive)

*Imagine a new story of your life and believe in it. ( directives )

* I promise, if I discover it, I'll write it on clay tablets.(commissives )

This homework is directive, I think, because saying so, you make us do the homework.

And the sentence "I wish you and your family a very good holiday." is expressive because you send your feelings expressing with a wish clause to the receiver.

Deniz Yücel

Anonymous said...


2)"My husband and I are watching a football game on TV. - it is context."Couyld you turn this off?" - it is meaning.-Type of act request(Directive)

"I'll try my best to be at home for dinner." - He performs the speech act of promising to be at home in time. - (Commissive)

"John is late." - He is being claimed to be ready. - (Constative)

"I'm sorry,I didn't call back." - There is e regret. - (Expressive)

3)This homework's text is perlocutionary.Because perlocutionary utterances do attempt to effect a change or to make an utterance with the intention of affecting the behaviour of the receiver.So I did my homework and it is an effect.

"I wish..." -- This sentence is expressive that express on the speaker's attitudes(your attitudes,teacher)and emotions.Also expressive statements that expres the sincerity condition of the speech act.I mean you say us 'good holiday' and it is very sincerity.

Anonymous said...

Elif Erkan..
2)'The dishes need to be washed'.in this sentence a request is being made so that somebody will do something that is someone will wash the dishes so the speech act is directive.
'Don't worry!I wiil never abandon you'(comissive)The statement fınctions as a promise.
'The train departed from the capital at 12 o'clock.'(representative)The statement has a truth value.
Mr Collins:'It gives me the greatest pleasure to hear that you have passed your time not disagreeably.(Expressive)This statement reflects the speaker's feeling of pleasure so it has an expressive function.
Teacher:'The class is dismissed.'(Declarative) when this sentence is uttered a resl change takes place,students leave the class.
3)this text is adirective speech actbecauseby putting all this language together you want us to do something/the homework and find examples.
I wish you and your family a good holiday.The speech act is expressive because ıt reflects the feelings of the speaker.That is he/she will be glad if you and your family have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3231050102 büşra vurucuoğlu 1)representative:I believe that our natıonal team will beat Arsenal in world cup match.
2)directive:Please;give me time for completing this task.
3)Constative:The minister and Mrs. Rice will meet at 10.00 o'clock to negotiate terror today.This text is a directive text.Because by means of giving informatıon about our topic and using words related with asking something you want us to do homework
4)Acknowledgement:I'm so sorry for accusing of you when you are in so deep trouble.
5)Commisive:I guarantee you that you will not regret for taking this iron ,madam. This text is a directive text.Because by means of giving informatıon about our topic and using words related with asking something you want us to do homework.'I wish you and your family a good holiday.'expression is an expressive statement.Because with this sentence you convey the message that you want his or her family to have a good holiday and this is a statement which states your feelings.
a good holiday

Anonymous said...

Lara Boşnakyan - 3233050007
Fransızca Öğretmenliği-3. Sınıf
(Çift Anadal)


Tom Lefroy: I think that you, Miss Austen, consider yourself a cut above the company.
Jane Austen: Me?
Tom Lefroy: You, ma'am. Secretly. (He believes in it)

“Things that take 14 minutes -- boiling an ostrich egg, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. It also takes 14 minutes to get from the Melina bridge to Tree Hill hospital.” (the statement is true)


Jane Austen: My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire. (in fact all her stories end with a happy ending)

“I am yours, heart and soul.”


“Sorry, I’m sorry about everything.”

“Actually I'm just here to pick up my mom from New Zealand. I didn't think you were coming in until tomorrow.” (The speaker regrets for not knowing when she will return)


“Thanksgiving tomorrow four o'clock” (she invites people to the Thanksgiving dinner)
Andie: So go ahead, go talk to her, what have you got to lose? (Andie suggests Pacey to go and talk to Joey)

Dawson: Just go.
Joey: But Dawson...
Dawson: Joey, go. I'm telling you, before I take it all back all right? Just go... go! (it is directive, because Dawson insist on Joey’s going)


Jim to Melinda: Hey, I’ll buy you a dinner. (It is commissive, because he offers a dinner)

“But never, ever for a single second forget that I love you... and I will always be here for you.” (It is commissive, because there is a promise. The speaker promises to be there)


Nathan: I need to ask you a question. If I don't go to Duke, if I don't play college basketball- I mean if today is the best it ever gets for me, will that be enough?
Haley: Of course! Nathan, as long as you are a good husband and a good father to your son (there is a stipulation)


Dawson: My parents are getting divorced. Thanks for being there.
Jen: Thanks for letting me.

3) I think your act is directive, because you ask us to do something (do the homework). There is also locution, illocution and perlocution. There is locution, because by saying this, you ask us to do the homework. It is illocutionary as you have an intention. Finally, there is perlocution, because it has an effect on us (we do the homework)

The sentence “I wish you and your family a very good holiday” is expressive, because by saying this, the speaker expresses his or her feeling, and his or her wish.

Anonymous said...

3231050103 Gül Duygu Yalçınkaya
1-Rain will soon break down the walls of our houses.It will take everything away with it.
This is represantative; because there is a conclusion after too much rain and the speaker believes in it.
2-You warned me, but I did not listen to you.
This is expressive; because there is a regret.
3-They probably never got there but fell asleep on the way.
This is constative; because the speaker is predicting something.
4-I will speak to your uncle.You will never marry Sania.You will marry whoever you want.
This is commissive.There is aproblem and the speaker promises to solve it.
This homework is directive;for you want us to do it and give us some instructions how to do.As friends have said, it is not only locution and illlocution but prelocution.
"I wish you and your family a good holiday." is an expressive express your feelings for him and his family

Anonymous said...

blind man:Now boy.Take me into the captain.
Sonny:Sir,upon my word,I dare not.
blind man:Oh!That's it.Take in straight,or I will break your arm.
Directive:He wants the boy to do something.

I strongly believe that I'm doing big social service nowadays by making people laugh because there is a lot of miseary in everyone's life.
Represantative:He believes.

A:I hope,I will see you soon.
B:I won't be here for a long time.
A:But,you promised to show me around the city.
B:Yes,I remember,I will do it as soon as possible.
Commissive:There is a promise.

A:Are you reading a poem?
B:Yes I'm trying.
A:Do you like Greek?Most of them are either diplomats or sailors.(represantative)
B:In fact,this is the first greek poet I'm reading.But I like it very much.
Expressive:He expresses his opinion on the

I pronounce you the winner of the competition.
Declaration:He declares the winner.

I wish you and your family a good holiday:This is expressive because you express your feeling.
And your act is directve because you make a request so that we will do the homework.


sezen arslan said...

SEZEN ARSLAN /3231050128

Expressive Speech Acts:
A: Happy New Year! (In this sentence, the speaker is articulating his own good feelings or emotions over a new year by saying "happy".)

Directive Speech Acts:
A:Ask that question to your instructor. (The speaker wants the other speaker to perform a specific action, that is, "asking a question".)

Declarative Speech Acts:
A: Well, we are friends from now on. (The speaker chanhes the status of them by uttering that sentence,as if they were not friends before)

Commissive Speech Acts:
A: I swear these terrorists will be defeated.( Think that this sentence is uttered by a commander and he is addressing to his troops and making a future assertion.)

To my mind, this homework text is directive because our instructor wants us to perform a particular action (doing this task).

"I wish you and your familiy a very good holiday." This sentence is expressive because the instructor expresses his feelings, his good will.

Anonymous said...

A:First pay your credi- cards,gather some money,than think about jewellery!(this is directive because the speaker gives an advise.)

A:İ give too much importance to feelings,İ am not looking for money!(this is constative because there is a claim.)

A:İ thank you for all the delicious food!(expressive)
A:"How nicely we are crammed in."-cried Lydia"İ am glad İ bought my bonnet,if it is only for fun of having another bandbox."(expressive)

A:İ do not need money or fame,but a person who gives me affection and love .(this is an acknowledgement the speaker does.)

Mrs.Collins "-You are all kindness,Madam,but İ believe we must abide by our original plan" (this is representative because the speaker believes on smth.)
Lady Chatherine"-You must send a servant with them."(this is directive because the speaker gives an order.)

İ think this homework's text is directive because we have a kind of order here,or request.
"İ wish you and your family a very good holiday".-The speech act is expressive because the speaker makes a wish.

Anonymous said...

Constatives:I am sure that you stole the old women's money last night.
directives:madam you should give up smoking from this moment.
commissives:A:I am not sure about buying this machine.
B:madam I promise that you wont have any problem and will thank me for this favour.
Acknowledgments:Mummy;I am so sorry for coming late tonight.
Representatives:Mr.erdoğan says that from now on Turkish goverment will start a war against south Iraq.
expressives:I dont like meal with meat!!
3:your sentence is expressive 'cause you express your feelling and wish
3231050010 3B

Anonymous said...

Speech Acts

“I reckon that there will raise lots of questions related to this very particular issue.” ( the speaker expresses his/her prediction concerned with something being talked about by using words such as “reckon,will”)

“Don’t touch the stove!” ( the speaker warns the addressee against a danger)

“I can make the bed for you.” ( the speaker offers to do a favour for the addressee by using such words as “can,for you”)

“I am grateful to you, for you helped me pass my exam which I have taken for three times.” (the speaker thanks to the listener on account of receiving some help from him/her by using such expressions as “grateful to you, for(because) etc.”)

“Finally, we can say that language does not have a fixed definition.” ( the speaker concludes his/her opinions pertaining to a topic through such expressions as “finally, we can say etc.”)

“I wish Ihad chosen studying science.” ( the speaker expresses his/her regret about a past choice)

“The trial starts.” ( the speaker(most probably a judge) declares the start of a trial)

I am in the opinion that the piece of homework you have given is a directive speech act, inasmuch as you order/request us to execute an activity; that is, we are demanded to do the exercise.

The sentence (I wish……) you have given is expressive since the speaker expresses his /her good feelings, his/her wish, for the adresse.

Anonymous said...

Call upon your Lord with humility and in the secrecy of your hearts (The Qur’an, 7/55) commanding-Directives

If there were any of Australia’s original inhabitants living in Melbourne, they were kept well out of the way of nice people; unless, of course, they could sing (Barry Humphries - More Please). reporting a humiliation-Representatives

Foster: I am stil a bit hazy about the Trinity, sir.
Schoolmaster: Three in one, one in three, perfectly straightforward. Any doubts about that see your maths master (Alan Bennett-Forty Years On). affirming-Representatives

I am sorry but I have to oppose your point of view, because… disagreeing-Constatives

The text of this homework is directive, because you ask us to do these certain tasks. Your aim is to get us to complete this work, or rather to show how to carry it out.
"I wish you and your family a very good holiday."
Here, the speaker expresses his/her wish and thus uses language to arrive at a certain aim, to contribute to the well-being of the holiday. The language is expressive.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I want some coffe"(When you say this to a waiter,it means "bring me some coffee".It is a request.)
"Why don't we go to the cinema?"(In this sentence you suggest to go to the cinema.)
One of your friends invites you to go to the cinema for tomorrow.You say:"I would love to come ,but I promised my brother to watch his fotball match."(In this sentence you refuse an invitation by hedging.)
"There were approximately five thousand students in the meeting to protest against terrorism."(This is a report."approximately" is used to escape from sharp statements.)
In a trial for guardianship,the judge decides for the child to stay with his mother from now on.He says:
"It is decided that the child is staying with his mother from now on."
"You look wonderful today"(This is a compliment and you express your admiration here.)
"I didn't mean to hurt you.Sorry."(In this sentence you accept that you are guilty and you apologize.)

*In this homework the speech act is directive because your aim is to direct us to do the homework.

"I wish you and your family have a good holiday."
The speech act is expressive in this sentence because the speaker expresses his/her wish.

Anonymous said...

A:The only hopeless thing is a fool.
B:You are quite right.(affirming)

(A woman is entertainig a guest but has to laeve her for a few minutes to see what her daughter wants)
A:Will you excuse me for a few minutes?
B:Sure,family comes first.(ranking)

A:Mother,can I come into your room?
B:Of course,child.(permitting)

"For God's sake!quick!quick!put me to sleep or,quick!waken me!quick!"(urging)

A:I say Laura,you might just give a squiz to my coat before this afternoon.It wants pressing.(request)
B:I will,if I have time.

"By the moon and the stars,I'll always love you."(swearing)

"Your children will be given the best care while you are away.You can be sure of that Mrs.Birkin.(warranting)

(Two people decorating a room)
A:Now ,if we put this chesterfield against the wall and move everything out of the room except the chairs,don't you think so?

A:Do you have any plans for tonight?
B:Not actually.
A:I thought we could go out and drink something.(inviting)

"I know,I should have been more considerate about what i said,please forgive me.(acknowledgement&apologizing)

"O,but I never said such a thing!"(deny)

"If only I had known that the woman sitting besie my boss was his mother-in-law.Then i wouldn't have jeered at her hat and would still be working at the company):"

" I don't believe you,you are not the one could look as good as you."(compliment)

"Who likes fish?"(detest)

"I pronounce you the champion of the olympics/the king of the Troys."

I think the text of this hw is directive because we are instructed to do the given excercises and find related examples to what we have learnt.

The speech act of your sentence is expressive.It expresses a wish to the adresse.

_meryem yeltekin_ said...

Come back,Jack!_directive statement_
The girl begs Jack to return to life.(Titanic)

Rain Man
Charlie:Could you please tell me the name of the person who’ll get my father’s Money?_directive_he makes a request to be informed about the matter.
Dr.Bruner:I’m sorry!I cannot tell you that._Acknowledgement_here,Dr.Bruner performs the act of apologizing and declining the request.

Susana:Someone must water those roses.They’re all dying._directive_she wants Charlie to do the work of watering.
Charlie:I hate those roses._expressive_he divulges his attitude towards the locution.

In the soap opera Fırat,İbrahim Tatlıses says his second wife 3 times: Boş ol!,which is a sign and act of divorce.
I arrest you in the name of the law. _declarations_by these utterences the locutors change the external status of the hearer in society.

Good bye my lover,good bye my friend!You have been the one for me..._expressive_In this song,Bryan Adams bids farewell to his darling and expresses his feelings about her.

I promise on my honour and honesty that I won’t smell a rose after you…(İlk Göz Ağrısı-theatre play)
Yemin ederim,seni de onu da yaşatmam!(anonym:)_commissive; speakers pledge for a future action by promising and swearing.

As always,past performance does not guarantee future results._representative_this kind of speech act has truth value for the locutor;he believes in this through his/her experiences.

Here,you perform the speech act of directing us to answer the question.It bears locutionary,illocutionary and perlocutionary aspects;your putting all this lang together to give this homework is locution;your aim in doing this is illocution and perlocutionary aspect comprises of our reaction to it.(as now we have done this homework,this speech act is conducted with success.)
In the sentence beginning with’I wish..’the speaker expresses his/her emotional attitudes by wishing a good holiday to me and my family;so we can say that it’s an expressive speech act.


Anonymous said...

3231050073 said that
*Sürüden bir koyun çalma seni hırsız zannederler 30 yıl yersin sürüyü götüreceksin ki seninle ticaret yapsınlar[a diologue from Lüküs Hayat][advising-advice of a thief-rıza to another thief-fıstık]
*Şimdi siz ilk önce benim eskici dükkanımı alırsınız sonra gider bu çarşıdaki diğer dükkanları alırsınız sonra tüm ülkeyi alırsınız.Uyanın Ashab-ı Keyf uykusundan uyanın artık[a dilogue from Eskici Dükkanı-theatre play)(warning)
*Well keep it for me will you?[In ashop the woman asks the shopkeeper to keep yhe jewellery for her)(asking)
*A:I'm late for the appoinment to my dentist.But I can't finish this work
B:Don't worry.I can complete your work for you[voluteering]
*I swear I will kill him if he hurts you.[swearing]
*Today is our wedding anniversary[announcing][at the party of wedding anniversary the manh starts his speech announcing the day]
*The predictions you have made about the situations of Turkey in the future because of the global warning seems a little bit terrific.[an interview of a journalist with the scientist][hedginig with seem and a little bit]
*Git! Benim senin gibi oğlum yyok artık.[a diologue from Eskici dükkanı)[The father rejects his sons leaving him alone with out any money)
*Bundan sonra bana Rıza DEĞİL Riri diyeceksin.Benim adım bundan sonra Riri.[a diologue from Lüküs Hyat]
*Ataturk:From now on 23th April will be the day of children all over the world.)
*Boyfiend:I shouldn't shout at her [regret][telling this sentence after the girlfriend didn't speak with the boyfriend]
*A:What a lovely scarf.I love it!
B:thank you I love it too My mum knitted it for me.[agreeing with the friend-accepting ]
-I think that the soeech act of this homework is directiveness.Because the intention of putting all this language is to instruct us how to do our homework,to direct us to do our homework
-'I wish you your family a good holiday.The speech act of this sentence is expressiveness.Because the speaker express an attitude-his feelings- about a state of affairs-the holiday.He hopes a good holiday his friend friend's family

Anonymous said...

a psychiatrist to a patient:
_so you resent him?
_no,i love him.**CONSTATIVE

a prince to a girl in a ball,asking her to dance actually:
_may i have the honour?**DIRECTIVE
_the honour is mine.**EXPRESSIVE

mr. simpson making a speech to community,as a mayor candidate:
_i will make a good government.**COMMISSIVE

a man on the phone line in "have your say" programme in bbc world,asking the anchorman:
_so you can hear me?
_we can hear you fine here.**ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

school principle to the simpsons couple:
_mr and mrs simpson i'm afraid we have a real problem about lisa.**REPRESENTATIVE

the anchorwoman of cnn exclaiming on the correspondent's news about king tutankhamun's mummy:
_absolutely compelling story!**EXPRESSIVE

this homework's text bears a directive intention;that is,you make us to do something:to watch films,soap operas,news.. by looking from a different perspective.usually i watch them but hadn't i looked for the dialogues' speech acts until you wrote this piece of text in this made me to move for something.consequently,it meant a lot more to me a subject named "speech acts".
"i wish you and..."__this sentence is expressive,as it has an intention of expressing a possitive emotion of yours towards us.

Anonymous said...

1.This week studied How the utterances can help us do something When we talk.Then, we said speech is action by discussing some information.Here are some examples Which prove the extent to the importance of being competent in language.
-Directives:The president insisted that the meeting begin on time.
-Commissives:The U.S. promises that they will provide Turkey with the information on Where PKK's lair in Iraq is through the techonolgy.
-Acknowledgement:The president Bush accepted PKK is an underground organisatıon Which is the enemy of both Turkey and the US.
-Declarations:The president Erdoğan declared that Turkey was determined to start an operation in Iraq's border ,but not have an intention to fight with Iraq.

2.This homework's text is directives.The teacher explains What students will do by means of words and orders.

3.The sentence is expressives as the speaker shows great concern for the hearer's good time.Apart from this,the speaker emphasizes what the hearers do When they are not together and if the hearer is happy is also significant.
3231050104 Yurkie Ahmed Emurla

Anonymous said...


2 friends are speaking: CONSTATIVES :Disagreeing
A: Let’s go and meet our friends. What do you think about it?
B: Oh , sorry. I don’t wanna go outside today.

Boss and the worker:
A:Where have you been for 4 days?
B:I’m sorry for the delay of the work, but I was too ill so I couldn’t do it.

A dialogue from a horror film between a girl and a boy: COMMISSIVES:Volunteering
A:Is there anyone who wants to get in to the haunted house?
B: Well, I accept to go first.

A man apologizing to his girl friend:
A: I`m sorry for the last evening. Could you be able to forgive me?
B: Do you really expect to be forgiven after all these things which you have done to me?
A: But I`m really …
B: No,no,no. I don’t wanna hear anything.
A: But…
B: I will never forgive you!!! Now, get out of my way.

Judge and the murderer in a case:
Judge: Weren’t you the one who is killing the victim that night.
Murderer: How many times will I say that I didn’t kill her.
Judge: But there are eye witnesses claiming that you killed the poor woman.
Murderer: I insist that I didn’t kill her. I want further search to be done on the case.
Judge: (verdict) We are postponing the case to next week for further search.

2woman collegeaus in a factory:
A:I have heard that you’ve been promoted. Is it right?
B:Yes,I have been promoted.
A:Congratulations, dear.

Homework is a kind of Directive speech act. It aims to teach the different forms of speech acts.

The speech act in the sentence is expressive.

Anonymous said...

1)We had all told him!He was completely mad to have had a bet like that’In this sentence,sb strongly disapproves of someone else’s behaviour and critisizes it publicly,so making the speech act ‘expressive’
*Be on your guard when you go near her,she is so vindictive’In this sentence,there is a warning.the person who warns the other one wants to make him/her aware of the danger s/he is in while being near to this is a directive sentence.
*I do not think it would be the right thing to do.there should be a beter way apart from closing down the company’When sb utters such a sentence ,it means that s/he disagrees with the idea that is offered.That means the speech act in this sentence is ‘constative’
*Why did you betray the trust that I put in you? -Don’t say that you are believing such a silly thing,otherwise you will regret what you have said.Believe me,it is only a slandrer! In this context,the second sentence is a denial refusing what has been said about him or her.The person only wants to show that s/he did not do such a betray.thus making the speech ‘representative’
2)The text is directive because by giving this assignment and annoucing this to all the students ,you want us to find sentences that will be helpfull to our understanding of the speech act theory.
3)For the second one,I want to tell that the speech act is ‘expressive’,since you express or show your hope of our having a good holiday.

Anonymous said...


2-In Avrupa Yakası, there was an episode in which they impersonated the characters of the old turkish films. In the version in which aslı was starring, she was begging to her father when she was blamed for something she did not do as 'daddy, let me explain.'
In Yaprak Dökümü, Oğuz always denies betraying his wife with his patron's wife altough he does.
In Asmalı Konak, Seymen Ağa is welcomed by his family when he returns home after his education abroad.
For admonishing, in The Big Brother, some contestants admonish their rivals to quarrel with other contestants by tittle-tattling about them secretly in their rooms.
The speakers report news in 19:30 news programmes.
In the old Turkish films,the formerly poor hero becomes patron one day and the old patron declares his being the new patron to other members of management.
In Hatırla sevgili, in the court trial scene, Adnan Menderes was challenging to the accuses directed to him.
In the song, Nikah masası, Ümit Besen congratulates his ex-lover who gets married with another man.
In the old Turkish films, a poor boy and a rich girl falls in love and the father of the girl offers money to the boy for leaving his daughter and the poor but proud boy rejects.
In the old Turkish film, Dönüş, Kadir İnanır promises his wife, Türkan Şoray, to come back after having earned enough money for paying his debts.
In the old Turkish films, the hero is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, in the prison he rescues the life of a mafia father and when he gets out of the prison that mafia father thanks him by giving him a job.
In the old Turkish films again, after a misunderstanding the boy apologizes to the girl for not believing her and accusing her for betraying him.
In the daytime programme 'Itirazım var', the members of the ury there always disagrees with the other members.
In Yaprak Dökümü Ali Bey forbids his daughter's going to the course as she has made an accident while she was on her friend's boyfriend's motorcycle.
3- You intent to get the feedback of your last lesson, to check if we have learned what we saw in your last lesson.

Anonymous said...

Osman Nihat Bişgin
Language has got more power that most of us think. Our ancestors underline this fact by ‘the thong makes that the one a vizir or a shabby. The language can be directive, expressive etc.
When used properly it result in the true action. On this hand, we can call it ‘Weapon’. Also, our so far courses in your classes, Sir, The possiblty of ‘making thing by words’ comes to my mind. Many authors made Money my these means. Also Dale Carnegie is talking about the true Language usage ( can be the language also) to affect the people.
Speaking is a Vital process, then we had better to take care of our words. The talented speaker is also speak beyond the words. Words to lead to a certain action are cautiously chosen by him/her.
Also some actions are the language elements. Just guess a soldier in middle status. His commander torns his epaulets off as a result of bad behaviour. May be no verbal language appears between these two individuals, but the commander has done this intentionally and the soldier understands that he returned back to be Private.

ALSO sir the homework’s language is a directive one. Not only yours but all homework appeals are directive. They ask students to accomplish something.

Osman Nihat Bişgin

Anonymous said...

bu şehri istanbul'da yaşanmış olayı ingilizce anlatıp katletmeye -yanliş olmasın benim ingilizcem yetmez o bakımdan- razı olamadığımdan türkçe yani yaşandığı dilde anlatacağım.argoda bizim "zarf" dediğimiz speech act ın da babası var. efenim olay bir iett otobusunde gecer. yolcu araca biner ve şoföre "akbilim yok" der. biz bu esnada speech act ı farkederiz. yani yolcu ulan ben bu yolculuğu nası beleşe getiririmi kovalar ve expressive olarak sadece durumu acıklar gözüken ama içinde ne derin manalar olan cümlesini söyler. "akbilim yok". şimdi o zamanlar -ki gecen sene- şoförlerde akbil olması yasaktı. şimdi şoför her yolcudan 20 ykr kar yapıyor. o zamanlarda bu yasaktı. olayımızda o zamanlarda gectiğinden şoför bey zarfı aldı ve ben daha akıllıyım heheyt dercesine bi zarf da o verdi:" yolculara sor" hey kurban olduğum. şoför beyin yaptığı su speech act a gel. kimse dediğini doğrudan demiyor. ama kıymetli yolcumuz kafaya beleş yolculuğu iyice koyduğundan yolculara döner ve malesef der ki:" arkadaşlar akbilim yok bu seferlik bedava gidebilir miyim?" e yuh ki ne yuh daha ne speech act ı. gaha ne diii
m saygılar efendim

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

initially the words sometimes carry on incredible meaning and complex meaning you can find a sentence different meanings and this can be both negative and positive or contain different identifcation.for example,in the decades to come computer technology will continue to change our life.from this sentence we can extract three diffenet constative(informing,allegation,prediction)now ı want to explain the sentences and identify thir different functions.
a-during the nineteenth century millions of italians immigrated to united state.give information about its date and the economical sircumstance of this era.(informing)
a-when will you go to hakkari?
b-ı don't know it depend on my colleagues.
c-if ı instead of you ı won't go to there as you know some journalist kidnapped by terrorist groups.this warning sentence give reason why he shouldn go there and it dangerous for hıs life if go there identify these.
a-ı ask from you deliver my son.
b-don't hesitate about your son ı m going to go there and bring back for you.this a promising sentence that give quarantee for his son to bring back.
ı m sorry for break your heart.this sentence apologizing for his bad attitudes toward him.
you will pass the exam.the sentence identify he' believe' him to accomplish and overcome from the exam.
when ı heard your husband was killed ı felt myself awfuly bad.this sentence condoling sentence share his feeling with him.
7-ı think your sentence is expressive one as 'welcome'.express his feelings about their holiday.

Anonymous said...

saturday,november 10,2007
4:32:00 pm
this comment that begin with 'initially' sentence belong to 3231050083
turgay ekin

Anonymous said...


2-Constatives:I think that you are broke now.
Directives:For God's sake can you help me!
Commissives:Our cooker can buy your kitchen needs,too.
Acknowledgments:She is very sorry for her cutting your daugter's baby doll's hair.
Representatives:I am not the guilty.
Expressives:I wish I would not buy that CD.
Declarations:After wedding,the imam pronounced us man and wife.

3-This sentence is written to express the good this is an expressive sentence.

3231050090 said...

'I am sure my nigtmare will be completed with all these children coming into my theatre.' Neverlands
"ıf you go on like this your final destination is hell." meaning stop it.A New Year
"Beautiful women are for men who have no imagination." meaning "do not fall in love with that woman. A New Year
"ıf you help me repair the house maybe ı can tell good things about you to your potential employer" A New Year
unless we see our grades on the lists in our faculty we can't say we pass the exams.
uncle:which one do you want to drink?
max:this one (pointing one of the bottles of wine)
uncle:excellent choice. A New Year
A lawyer saying "according to french laws to get his or her fair share from his /her father it not necessary for sharer to be legitimate child"
2)this homework's text include the speech act of give some information about the content of the homework and clear instructions to make us do our homework.
3)the last sentence which includes your wishes about the holiday is "expresssive" expressing your goood wishes

Anonymous said...

2) Directive:
Mother to Daughter:"There are lots of shirts and trousers to be ironed properly."
This sentence is directive and it is a request because with this utterance,the mother tries to make her daughter do ironing properly.
Secretary to Boss:"I will type and present this report to you in fifteen minutes."
This sentence is commissive and it is a promise because with this utterance,the secretary commits herself to a future course of action.
A witness to A Policeman:"I believe that the thief is the man in the middle as he has the same scar on his face with the man I saw last night just before I fainted."
This sentence is representative because the witness asserts a proposition to be true by giving a kind of information which can be judged for truth value.
Two Young Boys:"From now on,you are my best friend."
This sentence is declarative because with this utterance,the relation between the two boys changes and takes another state in terms of friendship.
A Woman:"I regret not immediately buying the red dress
when I saw it for the first time in the shop."
This sentence is expressive because with this utterance,the woman expresses her attitude/feeling_regret_about a state of affair_not buying the red dress.
A Woman to A Doctor:"I thank you for your all precious attention to my mother."
This sentence is an acknowledgement because with this utterance,the woman accepts that the doctor has shown precious or special attencion for her mother.
A Teacher to A Parent:"I think your son will pass the university entrance exam as long as he goes on studying hard."
This sentence is costative because with this utterance,the teacher predicts a state_passing the university entrance exam_for the future.
3)This homework's text is "directive".By putting all this language together,you want to achieve to make us review our lesson on Speech Act Theory,to look at the parts of our books related with the same theory once more and to show you that we are interested in your lesson.
The sentence "I wish you and your family a very good holiday." is expressivebecause with this utterance,the speaker of it expressives his/her attitıde/feeling_his/her wish for the family to have a very good holiday.
Meryem Simge ÇENGEL 3231050074

Anonymous said...

A speech act example

Place: On a board in public park (Yıldız)

We know that you don't throw away your dust.
What about your entourage?

Is a directive one but cleverly mentioned one.
I would like to share it
Osman Nihat Bişgin

Anonymous said...

mine isn't heart of stone,why don't you give me some love? first sentence is expressive and the second one is directive. 'i know you achieve this'this is representative.homework text is 2directive. i understand that you ask us to make this homework.the last sentence is like an expressive one,you want to show your wishes

3231050085 said...

Richard:Hey,man,I just don't feel-I mean,after what Anne said last night,I just don't feel like doing that.
Todd:I don't think it was that way.You yourself knew it was no big problem.(denying)

"It is your best work Basil,the best thing you have ever done," said Lord Henry,languidly."You must certainly send it next year to the Grosvenor."(appreciate)

'I am very glad you didn't Harry.'
'I don't wany you to meet him.'
'You don't want me to meet him?'
'Mr. Dorian Gray is in the studio,sir' said the butler,coming into the garden.
'You must introduce me now,' cried Lord Henry,laughing.(insisting)

"Come and see me soon.Come tomorrow."
"You won't forget?"
"No,of course not," cried Dorian.(promising)

"If you want to make him marry this girl,tell him that Basil.He is sure to do it,then.Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing,it is always from the noblest motives."(warning+suggesting)

"You have killed my love," he muttered."You used to stir my imagination.Now You don't even stir my curiosity.You simply produce no effects...What are you now?A third-rate actress with a pretty face."

"What an excellent father you have, girls," said she, when the door was shut."I do not know you will ever make him amends for his kindness,or me,either,for that matter.At our time oflife,it is not so pleasant I can tell you, to be making new acquaintance everyday;but for your sakes,we would do anything."(thanking,praising)

"I hope you will always be very happy,Dorian" said Hallward"...(congratulating)

-->I think that this homework's speech act is directive.Because you want to make us do this homework after visiting the webpage,doing the exercise and reviewing the subject by examing the text of homework and may be reading on it more.
Also the sentence "I wish you and your family a very good holiday." is expressive because of expressing your wish for us to have good holiday with our families.

Anonymous said...

DIRECTIVE:you have to finish these homeworks until the midterm exams!
DECLARATIVE: ı don' see u as a boyfriend anymore!
EXPRESSIVE:(Girl to her b.f.) how can you describe that kind of event that has happened to me? Or the feeling of looking through your eyes and forget everything that ı should do, or who ı am? ı love u honey:(
COMMISSIVE: I do not make u feel bad anytime, ı will always love u,and save forever darling!

Anonymous said...

A: I won't say anything to anyone about your money in the grand caymans
on one condition-- You have to tell me the truth about why you're leaving.
(Commissives, because the speaker promises not to do something if other person
aggrees with him or her. Desperate Housewifes)

A: My father's in prison for murder. So can you see why I might have wanted to
lie about him on a first date?
B: Oh,my god.
(Constatives, the man is explaining why he lied to his wife. In other words, he
is reporting his state. Desperate Housewifes)

A: When you report back to cristina, would you tell her, please, that i am
waiting for her and that I will continue to wait for her?
B; Yes, ma'am.
(Directives, it is due to the fact that A requests B to do something. Grey`s

A: Hi,I'm Betty Suarez, Um,And I-I Just Want To Say Something On Behalf Of All
The Employees
Who Worked For Mr. Meade. He Didn't Spend A Lot Of Time Talking To Us.
(Representatives, here Betty is reporting a situation as a conclusion. Ugly

A; We don't feel like we have the energy. Plus, we don't think it's fair
that every year the burden falls on us.
(Expressives, A is expressing his regret. Friends)

A: Look, Monica's
been working hard all day.
(Acknowledgements, there is a congratulation. Friends)

Anonymous said...

CONSTATIVES : I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.
DIRECTIVES : Don't meet with Jack any more. (the speaker tries to make the hearer to stop to meet with Jack)
COMMISSIVES: I'll call you tonight darling.(It commits the speaker to some future course of action)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Thank you for your assistance .
REPRESENTATIVE: I believe that she didn't cause the accident. (the speaker makes a truthful proposition according to himself)
EXPRESSIVE: Great news! I got the job. (It expresses the psychological state of the speaker)
DECLARATIONS: I christen this ship 'Victory'. (the speaker alters the external status of an object, solely by making the utterance.)
3) The speech act of homework is directive. With the help of this homework we can understand speech acts better. We get a chance to re-examine them by giving examples from the real life.

The speech act of this sentence is expressive. Beceause the speaker expresses a wish.

Merve Öztekin said...

Acknowledgments: Thanks for letting me go. It's bitterly cold out, and I'm depressed. (thanking)

Directives: Come with me. I'll go tell the king about this. (ordering)

-I hope to God we can make him happy and do him some good! (begging)

-You should project a peaceful mood, because if you look troubled, you will arouse suspicion. (advising)

-Nurse, will you come with me to my closet and help me pick out the clothes and the jewelry I'll need to wear tomorrow? (asking)

Constatives:Yes, those are the best clothes. (affirming)

Commissives: Don't worry, I will set things in motion. And everything will be alright, I promise you, wife. (promising)

*The speech act of this homework's text is directive.We are both asked to do this and instructed about speech acts.
*'I wish you and your family a very good holiday.' the speech act in this sentence is expressive.The speaker conveys his/her wish.

Anonymous said...

-In Rain Man “you have to bring Raymond back ,Mr Babbitt” the doctor said.(warning)
-In Çocuklsr Duymasın the mother of the home called Meltem says his sun “you won’t have mobile phone until you are thirteen.”(forbidding)
-In Yaprak Dökümü Ali rıza bey says her doughter Necla “go out from here ,I don’t want to see you forever”(commanding)

-In Yaprak Dökümü Necla always did bad things .At last she left home with her sister!s husband.But she was regretfıl she understands her fault.She writes a letter to her father and says “I promise you I will be a honourable person like you any more “(promising)
-“You can be sure that I can pass the university exam because I’m studying hard” (quaranteeing)

-In Avrupa YakasıMakbule pours a cup of coffe inyo Burhan and she says “I am really sory, I had to be mpore careful”(apologising)
-One says to another whose mother has died “ I understnd you very well because my mother died when I was only 9 years old”(condolling)

-I think people must be helpful to everybody.(giving a belief)
-I am not sure that but I think that students are approximately in the same age in this class.

-In Fenerbahçe-Trabzonspor match Trabzonspor funs commited crimes in the stadium and footballers can’t continue to play.So the arbitrator says”the match can not continue.I will postpone this match to another date”

-In one competitional program Ayşe Arman says to Zeynep Tokuş “congratulations, you present a wonderful show.
-“I have never seen such an unlucky person.She lost her all family in the eartquake in 1999

-ı AM SURE THAT Fenerbahçe will be champion in super league and in champions league in its 100th year.(affirming)
-In Avrupa Yakası Aslı says her husband “I don’t agree with you that we can live in the same home any more.If we and our marriage we will live happily .(first sentence is disagreeing and the second is predicting.
-A man says to his wife “how do you believe that I love another woman instead of you?” (he is disputing with his wife)

3) The homework is directive because you intend to make us do the homework.And the act is also perlocutionaty because your words in the text have an effect on us and we do the activities.
“I wish you………………” Your this sentence is expressive .Because you Express your emotions and feelings about us.

yeliz top

Anonymous said...

ı guess they won't have much energy left over to do anything on new years day,then.
-goog night,can i help you madam?
-yes.of course
i promise you that after i have gratuated i will support you...(green street elite)
-alright,can you answer a few questions,please?
-do you believe entered our home...(cnnbc)
-İ am sorry but i did not want to say this.

The speech act of homework's text is directive.
The speech act in your sentence is expressives.As you express your good wishes and thougts about our holiday...3231050018

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You were terrific.
-You think so?|-Yeah.
As a matter of fact, I think we should celebrate.
How about McDonald's?
(about a boy)


00:03:15,261 --> 00:03:18,196 X1:072 X2:511 Y1:379 Y2:439
I guess my chances of that happening
are somewhat diminished,

00:03:18,264 --> 00:03:22,860 X1:071 X2:392 Y1:347 Y2:435
seeing that I'm incapable
of making eye contact
with a woman I don't know.
(eternal sunshine)


00:01:23,402 --> 00:01:25,902
You nor he bound when
I spoke to it of my promotion.

00:01:25,903 --> 00:01:28,103
This was not surprise, was
merit of my husband.

00:01:28,204 --> 00:01:29,804
Perhaps because of my wife.

00:01:29,705 --> 00:01:32,005
You it says this because it likes
me, of my body.


00:01:42,309 --> 00:01:44,309
I do not understand, what it is this?

00:01:44,310 --> 00:01:45,610
One marries.

00:01:45,711 --> 00:01:48,811
Yes! I am seeing, debtor.

00:01:49,112 --> 00:01:54,812
- Also known as home, sanctuary, put.
- Yes.

00:01:54,813 --> 00:01:57,713
Or if to prefer,
we can call ours.

00:01:58,814 --> 00:02:01,314
- Ours?

What I'm saying is, the important thing is|to make yourself feel happy.
I've tried just making myself happy.|She's tried making herself happy.
It doesn't work.|You need other people to make you happy.
But that's just it.
If other people can make you happy|then they can also make you unhappy.
What, you think those people out there|are going to make you happy?
(about a boy)


If he reaches university,|'cause he's going to get torn to shreds.
You cannot stop someone|from expressing themselves.
He's not expressing himself!|He's expressing you, okay?
Oh, God.
What? Jesus Christ.
You're right. Will, am I a bad mother?
No, you're not a bad mother.|You're just a barking lunatic.

(about a boy)


I never said he was my son.
Did I?
The words "I have a son called Marcus,"|never escaped my lips.
It's what you chose to believe.
Yeah. Right.
It's me that's the fantasist.

(about a boy)


Answer the following question? What kind of a Speech Act is this homework's text?
directive cause you re directing us to do something

I wish you and your family a very good holiday.
i think it is expressive there re wishes which re expressed

bircan coktasar

fgjhdg said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fırat kaya

i dont believe that Turkey will manage to enter the European Union (representative)

are u like a crazy person?
yes , i am sure they will say so [v for vandetta] (comissives)

if u dont come to the pitch with us it will be a dream for us to escape, i beg you come and let us to beat these nazi dogs (escape to freedom) (directives)

i can swear on my honour that u never had a moustache (the moustache) (constatives)

wellcome to the world of shadows, the land of crime and treason (expressives)

i think that the homework text here is a directive speech act because you require us to do the homework step by step with some little warnings..

"I wish you and your family a very good holiday." this sentence is expressive because you mention about a feeling to the reciever , student

Nilay 3231050062 said...

***It was reported recently that over a million Americans no longer live in poverty.(Constative)
***He is probably at the TV studio if he's not here.(Constative)
***Thanks a million for helping me with my marketing project, Paul.(Expressive)
***I regret having lent him that money.(Expressive)
***I would like to apologize for not being able to attend the school reunion.(Expressive)
***Mr. Mrs. Chalmers kindly request your company on the occasion of their daughter's wedding on 3rd November.(Directive)
***She has promised to attend this English course.(Commisive)
***I believe they will have a traditional wedding.(Representative)
***The lecturer pronounced him as the leader of our group.(Declaration)

---The speech act of this homework's text is directive.

---The sentence "I wish you and your family avery good holiday" is expressive.

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